Boost Your Sales: #1 Best Pinterest Course For Bloggers (2024)

by Theja Pk
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With everyone’s site being hit by Google’s recent updates, it’s no surprise that bloggers and content creators are turning to Pinterest to diversify their traffic.

In this post, I will dive into the best Pinterest course for bloggers to improve their traffic – Pin Profit Academy by Heather Farris. This membership was an absolute game-changer for me, and I hope it will be the same for you.

screenshot of pinterest analytics showing steady growth since joining Pin profit academy

I had been binging Heather’s YouTube videos for about a month before I joined her membership. I started off with 10K monthly views, and after about 2 months, I am almost at 20K monthly views

Yes, the growth is slow because I am only pushing out pins 3-5x/day since that’s what I can consistently do. If you’re able to pin more than that, then you will grow much faster.

Some members have been able to 10x their traffic within 30 days! So it’s all dependent on what you can consistently stick with.

So, if you are interested in getting more eyes on your content, then keep on reading.

Who is Heather Farris?

Who better to share who Heather Farris is than Heather herself? Here’s a snippet from her welcome email in her newsletter:

I’m Heather, Pinterest manager and strategist, founder of the Pin Profit Academy, and shameless Pinterest fanatic. Around 8 years ago, I grew my Mom Blog to over 5000 page views in under 60 days and realized I was onto something BIG. I started offering Pinterest management to my friends, and the rest is history.

What makes Heather different from other Pinterest experts?

There are so many Pinterest experts online, and I follow quite a few to stay updated on all things Pinterest.

However, Heather is the only one I’ve invested money in, and here’s why:

1. Her no-nonsense approach

Heather doesn’t beat around the bush, and there’s no clickbait messaging. She tells you exactly what you need to know to get to where you want to go by giving you the foundations to adapt to your own business.

2. Her practical workflow and strategy

If there was one frustrating thing about learning Pinterest from online creators, it was that no one gave me a workflow I could implement for myself.

Everyone kept giving me surface-level information without diving into the practical tasks I would need to do to see any actual growth.

She’s the only one I found on YouTube who gave me an actual workflow I could follow and customize to fit my business.

3. She emphasizes quality over quantity

Instead of focusing on pinning 30x/day (because who really has time for that?), she guides you in maximizing the few pins you can consistently pin each day.

As a solopreneur without the budget to hire full-time VAs, I stick to 3-5pins/day. And there are some days when I don’t even have that because I don’t have a lot of content from which to create pins.

But because of Heather, I have created a workflow focusing on high-quality pins so that the few I do get to pin have a better chance of converting customers than if I made a bunch of generic pins.

4. Her focus on sustainable growth

She doesn’t promote a get-rich-quick scheme, so if that’s what you’re looking for, Heather isn’t the girl for you.

But if you’re in for the long haul and want to see steady, sustainable growth for your business, then you’ll love what Pin Profit Academy offers.

5. She shares more than just Pinterest expertise

Because she started as a blogger, Heather teaches alot about WordPress and other blogging tricks.

I can’t tell you how many of her tips & tricks I’ve implemented to improve my own blog.

She teaches about email marketing, digital product creation, Pinterest VA services, blogging content strategy, and so much more.

6. She doesn’t hold back any information

She likes to say she doesn’t gatekeep her information, which is true. She happily shares everything she knows with everyone in her community, whether it’s about Pinterest or other topics.

7. Her strategy and approach to Pinterest are unique

Heather uses Pinterest in a way I had never considered before.

She once did a video on the importance of board relevancy, and since then, my whole strategy for pinning to boards has dramatically improved.

I no longer focus on pinning to as many boards as possible for a single post but prioritize getting in front of the right audience by choosing the most relevant boards, even if that means choosing fewer boards.

Who is Pin Profit Academy for?

Like I said above, if you’re looking for a get-rich-quick scheme, Pin Profit Academy is NOT for you.

But if you’re committed to long-term growth, here’s who will benefit the most from this course and membership:

  • Any type of content creator: bloggers, YouTubers, coaches, podcasters, course sellers
  • E-commerce shop owners
  • Individuals at all levels, from beginners to advanced
  • Those managing Pinterest for themselves or others (ie. Pinterest VAs)
  • Those looking to grow their account organically or through advertising. Many content creators on YouTube have recommended Heather as the go-to person for learning about Pinterest advertising.

Course content & structure

So, what do you get access to with the Pin Profit Academy membership?

  • self-paced video tutorials on various topics that are always up-to-date
  • live Q&As each month
  • 1:1 strategy calls with Heather
  • monthly deep dives into diverse topics such as Google Analytics 4, building a content strategy, creating digital products, email marketing, and so much more
  • New Canva pin templates each month so your pins always have fresh designs
  • AI templates to speed up your Pinterest copywriting
  • Notion and Google Sheet templates to keep your content organized
  • and a lot more….

Here’s a snapshot of the course library that shows a few of the courses you will instantly get access to.

screenshot showing course library of pin profit academy by heather farris


When you’re learning something new, like Pinterest marketing, having a supportive community to turn to for advice and encouragement can make all the difference.

Here are the benefits included in the membership:

  • Monthly Q&As where you can ask Heather anything
  • Access to a Facebook group where you can ask questions 24/7 and interact with other Pinterest experts, not just Heather
  • The ability to email Heather anytime if you have questions

I have been to the monthly Q&As, and I always learn something new, even if I don’t have any questions to ask. And the Facebook community members are welcoming and very friendly.


If you think all of this must be super expensive, you’re wrong.

You can access everything I outlined above for as low as $37/month.

pin profit academy membership pricing

If you’re still on the fence about affordability, here’s a price comparison with other Pinterest Marketing Courses currently on the market.

Note: Unlike the subscription-based Pin Profit Academy membership, these are one-time payment courses.

Pin Profit Academy by Heather Farris$37/month
The Pinterest Studio$79
My Perfect Pinterest Strategy$89
Pinteresting Strategies by Carly Campbell$97
Pinterest Ninja by Megan Johnson$147
Perfecting Pinterest by Sophia Lee$247
Pinterest Ninja by Megan Johnson$247
Pinterest Marketing by Chelsea Clarke$297
Pin Like a Boss$397
Passive Profit with Pinterest$497
Pinterest Like A Boss$497
Pinterest Popular by Nadalie Bardo$594
Pinterest SEO Traffic Secrets by Anastasia Blogger$597

Pin profit academy seems like a no-brainer if you’re on a budget, am I right?


If you’re unhappy with the membership, you can ask for a refund within 14 days of purchase.

Or you can simply cancel your subscription.

There’s no “minimum term” that you’re obligated to stay for. Join anytime, leave anytime. It’s entirely up to you.

Why I Love Heather’s Pinterest Membership

  • Heather is helpful, friendly, and an overall likable person to learn from. There have been incidents where persons have lost wifi while asking her questions in the live Q&As and she remained so patient until they tried to reconnect. I found that pleasantly surprising.
  • She offers practical, easy-to-implement advice without clickbait.
  • Content is always up-to-date. Pinterest is constantly changing. Once upon a time, group boards were necessary, then they went out of style, and now they’re back again. Getting all the important, relevant updates in one place is convenient.
  • Access to more than just Pinterest Marketing expertise. You can learn about other areas of digital marketing, like email marketing, social media management, and blogging.
  • great, supportive community
  • No graphic design skills needed – I get user-friendly templates and graphic designs that I can easily customize to my own brand (without needing to start from scratch
  • tangible results that I can sustain over a long period of time
  • super affordable pricing
  • easy to navigate dashboard – I was never left wondering what to do or where to go next
  • Flexible Learning – you don’t need to do all the courses in a particular order. You can jump to whichever stage of Pinterest marketing you’re in
  • Live sessions are always recorded – I’ve had to miss a few due to my day job, but I really appreciate being able to send in my questions early and then catch up on the call recording when I’m free
  • suitable for all levels of experience
  • 14-day money-back guarantee

Final Thoughts

Wrapping things up, Pin Profit Academy has been one of the most valuable investments in my business this year. Since joining, my Pinterest traffic has doubled and is still climbing.

If you’re looking for an easy, hands-on Pinterest Course with a friendly community that won’t break the bank, then you should definitely try Heather’s membership.

If you’re not happy with it, you can ask for a refund or cancel your membership. So what do you have to lose?

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