The Bailey Brothers Series: Small Town Romances with Big Heart

by Theja Pk
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flat lay of Bailey brothers series by Claire Kingsley

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Last updated on February 13th, 2024

5 rambunctious brothers and their 6 amazing stories. The Bailey Brothers series by Claire Kingsley is a collection of charming romances set in a small town filled with warmth, laughter, and love.

Although not every book is a 5-star read, you’ll be charmed by the heartwarming relationships within the Bailey family and the quirky residents of the delightful town of Tilikum.

In this article, I’ve provided a breakdown of the Bailey Brothers series in the order you should read them, along with details about each book so you’ll know exactly what to expect.

I would recommend reading this series in order. Each subsequent book contains a lot of details that continue from the previous ones, and reading them out of order may make you feel lost.

If you’re interested in other spicy, small-town romances by the author that intertwine with this series, check out this guide on Claire Kingsley’s reading order that comes with a FREE printable checklist.

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How to read the Bailey Brothers Series in order

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Pub DateTitleTropeMy RatingBuy Now
2020Protecting Youfriends to lovers★★★★Amazon
2020Fighting For Ussecond chance★★★★Amazon
2020Unraveling Himgrumpy/sunshine★★★★Amazon
2020Rushing Inforbidden love (boss' daughter)★★Amazon
2021Chasing Her Fireenemies to lovers★★Amazon
2022Rewriting The Starsforbidden love (feuding families)★★★Amazon

Protecting You

TROPE: Friends to lovers

MY RATING: ★★★★/5

Protecting You by Claire Kingsley is the origin story of the Bailey Brothers series detailing the story between Asher Bailey and Grace Miles. This is a spin-off from the Miles Family Series, but it’s not necessary to read that before starting this book. 

It’s a short book whose primary purpose is to set the stage for the rest of the series as it introduces each of the brothers while giving a glimpse into their family life in the quirky town of Tilikum.


One night brings them together. Another night tears them apart.

Grace Miles misses her easy friendship with Asher, but growing up means growing apart. And really, how could he fall for her when they spent their childhood getting muddy in the creek and splitting sticks of gum?

But this summer, something feels different. If Grace didn’t know better, she’d think Asher was flirting with her. Those dark eyes, hard body, and wicked smile make her insides swirl, and her heart dares to hope for things she’s convinced herself she’ll never have.

Falling for your best friend shouldn’t be complicated, but for Asher Bailey, loving Grace is anything but simple. The road to romance isn’t smooth, thanks to his pack of wild brothers who are protective of the girl next door, a take-no-sass grandmother, a small town where gossip is a spectator sport and a feud that spans generations.

But Asher realizes his feelings are too big to ignore. Loving her isn’t the risk. Losing her would be.

And one night, one kiss changes everything.

Finally, admitting their feelings is the beginning of their happily ever after. Until their fairy tale love story is tragically interrupted, and neither of them will ever be the same.

If you’re wondering if this book is a good fit for you, be sure to check out the full review of part 1 of Asher and Grace’s story.

Fighting For Us

TROPE: Second chance

RATING: ★★★★/5

Fighting For Us concludes Grace and Asher’s story. When we left them in the series origin story, Asher was sent to prison for committing a crime while defending Grace. 

After being suddenly released from prison, Asher is forced to find his footing in the world he left behind several years ago. And Grace will be damned if he thinks he can push her away in the process.


How long would you wait for the love of your life?

The Asher Bailey who comes home to his quirky small town isn’t the same man who put a ring on Grace’s finger. He’s bigger, harder, haunted. Forced to give up Grace and everything else that was good in his life for a prison sentence he barely survived.

Now that he’s home, he finds himself aggressively welcomed by his brothers and gleefully gossiped about by his neighbors. He’d counted on both. But he never expected to see Grace still wearing his ring.

Grace’s fairy tale didn’t end. It was interrupted. She’s spent the last seven years living her life while waiting for one man. Now that he’s back, she’s got her work cut out for her. He’s scarred and angry, and stubbornly convinced they can’t be together. She’s more than happy to educate him otherwise.

Every beer, every prank, every kiss brings him closer to where he’s always belonged. In her life. In her arms. In her heart. Asher fears the darkness inside him can’t be contained. But Grace won’t give up on him without a fight.

You can read the review of the conclusion to Asher and Grace’s story here.

Unraveling Him

TROPE: grumpy sunshine, forced proximity

RATING: ★★★★/5

Unraveling Him details the story of Evan Bailey – the second oldest brother – and Fiona Gallagher – a fellow car enthusiast and an all-around ray of sunshine. 

This is a charming story about trust, bravery, and the courage to take a new path when everything you know goes up in flames.


Stoic, growly Evan Bailey has enough on his plate. A growing business, a pack of brothers who drive him crazy, a gossip-loving small town, and a rivalry that runs deeper than any family feud. Love? That’s a hard pass. He already learned the hard way that he’s better off alone.

Fiona Gallagher has a problem. Or more like ten, but who’s counting? The trouble with her car is just the cherry on top of the crap sundae, but she won’t let that get her down. Besides, she has a plan. Evan Bailey—that brooding custom car builder who happens to hate her father—is going to help her. He just doesn’t know it yet.

The last thing Evan needs is the overly cheery Fiona crashing into his solitary life. But her offer is too compelling to ignore. Fiona isn’t there to pick through the wreckage of Evan’s heart. If he has one, he won’t let her anywhere near it. But the tension between them is hot enough to combust. And when she starts to see the cracks in his stony façade, she realizes she’s getting more than she bargained for—a lot more—in that big surly man.

Curious to know if this grumpy-sunshine story is a good addition to your bookshelf? Check out this review of Evan and Fiona’s romance.

Rushing In

TROPE: Forbidden love (boss’ daughter)

RATING: ★★/5

Rushing In is the story of Gavin, the youngest Bailey Brother, and Skylar, the daughter of Gavin’s boss.

I was excited to read this book because Gavin is my favorite of the brothers- charming, fearless, and hilarious. But sadly, this was disappointing after the great stories that Asher and Evan got in the previous books.


With his dimpled grin and devilish charm, firefighter Gavin Bailey is hot as a five-alarm fire and twice as dangerous. The youngest of five brothers, he’s the daredevil of the family. Until the unexpected strikes, and he finds himself sidelined.

Skylar Stanley’s life didn’t just fall apart. It exploded. Spectacularly. Dropped by her publisher and her agent, and dumped by her boyfriend, she suddenly has no place to live and a career circling the drain. She comes home to the quirky, feuding small town she hasn’t lived in since Kindergarten to pick up the pieces. And hopefully, find her mojo.

Gavin would happily help Skylar get her groove back—in and out of the bedroom—except for one big problem. Her dad is Gavin’s boss, mentor, and the closest thing he’s ever had to a father. As much as Gavin loves racing headlong into danger, Skylar is a risk of a different kind. One that he’s determined to avoid.

But the line between friends and lovers gets awfully blurry, and Gavin just might find the one thing that truly scares him. Losing her.

For more information on Gavin and Skylar’s story, check out this full review on Rushing In.

Chasing Her Fire

TROPE: Enemies to Lovers

RATING: ★★/5

Chasing Her Fire is a small-town, enemies-to-lovers romance between Logan Bailey, one of the twin brothers, and Cara Golding, Grace’s best friend that we met in Fighting For Us.


Sexy firefighter Logan Bailey is an expert at putting the wet stuff on the hot stuff—on and off duty. But he just did the unthinkable, and it wasn’t trading in his tube socks. He slept with his nemesis. His mortal enemy. The crazy redhead he loves to hate. Cara Goulding.

And no matter how much he wants to lie to himself, he has to admit that it was mind-blowing.

Cara will not be tempted by the one night she spent with prince dickhead—even if her traitorous body remembers every earth-shattering moment. It was a mistake, and she’s stronger than that. She’ll just keep avoiding him and pretend it didn’t happen.

But the feuding small town of Tilikum might not be big enough for both of them. Avoiding each other isn’t working. And with every moment they’re forced to spend together, the sparks get hotter, the flames grow brighter, and the tension borders on unbearable.

Until they both reach their breaking point and their fiery relationship explodes.

For more details on this spicy, enemies-to-lovers romance, check out the full review

Rewriting The Stars

TROPE: Forbidden love (rival families)

RATING: ★★★/5

Rewriting The Stars is the final installment in the Bailey Brothers Series by Claire Kingsley

This novel wraps up the stories of the characters we have spent five books getting to know and solves the mystery surrounding the town’s infamous hidden treasure. 

In a Romeo-and-Juliet-themed romance, Levi Bailey and Annika Haven are willing to put their love on the line to defy the town’s century-old feud.


Firefighter Levi Bailey is used to being alone. Not that he’s lonely. How could he be, with a band of unruly brothers and their wives and growing families? Maybe he’s the odd man out. The one brother who isn’t destined to be with his soulmate.

Besides, he has her.

She’s his Juliet, the only woman in the world he can’t ever have. To an outsider, it probably seems crazy. But the Tilikum town feud is no joke—especially now—and Annika Haven is strictly forbidden.

Annika Haven never expected to be back in her hometown, let alone as a single mom with two jobs. Add in a pack of overprotective brothers, a brewing family crisis, and a gossipy, feuding town on the brink of chaos, and life gets complicated.

But at least she has him.

He’s her Romeo, a son of the enemy. He makes her smile on her worst days. Yet, despite his brooding sex appeal, the one thing she cannot do is fall for Levi Bailey. They’re just friends, and that’s the way it has to stay.

But after months of secret texts and stolen glances, one soul-stealing kiss changes everything. And Levi Bailey is about to do the impossible.

Defy the feud.

Check out the Rewriting the Stars review for the conclusion of the Bailey Brothers series.

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