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Last updated on May 18th, 2024

Are you overwhelmed trying to figure out how to read Claire Kingsley’s books in order? Then, this blog post is perfect for you. 

By combining my personal expertise with thorough research of hundreds of online reviews, I have crafted this guide with the most reliable information possible.

I binged her Miles Brothers and Bailey Brothers series a while back and fell in love with her stories. And if you love spice, you will love Claire Kingsley’s books.

Here’s what you’ll find below:

  • Free printable checklist to keep track of your reading.
  • Recommended reading order based on overlapping timelines.
  • Customizable table that will allow you to easily filter through the author’s books – based on your favorite tropes, series, release date, and average Goodreads rating (as of the publishing of this post).
  • Details of each book (as a toggle option in the table) to help you choose the one that’s right for you.

Let’s dive in.

Claire Kingsley’s Reading Order:
Free Printable Checklist

All of Claire Kingsley’s books in one easy-to-use list so you can keep track of your reading journey.

Claire Kingsley Books – Recommended Reading Order

If you want to catch all of the delightful easter eggs that Claire Kingsley hid in her books, I suggest you read them in order of publication. 

But there is no need to do that if you’re not curious about how her characters are connected. 

But one timeline does overlap between 3 different series – The Miles Family, Bailey Brothers, and Haven Brothers. To see their correct reading order, check out the timeline below.

The Miles Family
One of the siblings of the Miles Family Series is the female protagonist at the beginning of the Bailey Brothers series.
The Bailey Brothers
The family feud between the Bailey Brothers and the Haven brothers of Tilikum set up the story for the subsequent Haven Brothers series.
How the Grump Saved Christmas
This is a standalone book, but the timeline overlaps with book 6 of the Bailey Brothers series.
The Haven Brothers
Set 6 years after the Bailey Brothers series, the Haven brothers finally get their own stories. This series is currently in the works with the first book, Obsession Falls, released in Oct 2023.

Which Claire Kingsley Book Should You Read Next?

Use the user-friendly table below and find out!

Some features I want to highlight so that you can make the most of this guide:

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Pub DateTitleCoverSeriesTropeGoodreadsAbout the bookBuy Now
2016Always Havehttps://creatorpreneurdiary.com/wp-content/uploads/2024/01/claire-kingsley-books-in-order-always-series-book-1.pngAlways (1)friends to lovers 4.1Kylie's best friend Braxton is the hottest man she's ever known, with a rock hard body and a smile that melts the panties off every woman he meets. Except Kylie. Mostly.

Kylie is anxious to get off the dating carousel and find something real. Despite the way Braxton tends to suck the air from her lungs, she knows he's trouble. He's just another player, and she's tired of the game.

But Braxton isn't the man she thinks. The real reason he's sh*t with women is simple. None of the women he's with are the one he wants. None of them are Kylie.

He wants to love her in every way imaginable, but there's always something in the way. So he stays her friend, watching her date men who are too stupid to realize how special she is. Always worried the next one won't be. The next one will be the man who takes her from him forever.

Loving Kylie risks every fiber of their friendship, but losing her might be more than Braxton can take.
2016Always Willhttps://creatorpreneurdiary.com/wp-content/uploads/2024/01/claire-kingsley-books-in-order-always-series-book-2.pngAlways (2)boss/employee4.3Selene Taylor is the first to admit her dating life is a disaster. She has a weakness for the wrong men—bad boys with bodies to drool over and attitudes like they’re God’s gift to women.

But her professional life? It's right where she wants it.

Until her company is bought out by a man from her past, and she finds herself with a sexy new boss.

Ronan Maddox doesn't just play the game. He wins. He's an adrenaline junkie who lives for the thrill of the chase. But he flirts with more than danger when he discovers one of his new employees is the one woman who still haunts his dreams.

As soon as he sees Selene, he wants her. She's a risk, but risks are what he lives for.
2016Always Ever Afterhttps://creatorpreneurdiary.com/wp-content/uploads/2024/01/claire-kingsley-books-in-order-always-series-book-3-novella.pngAlways (2.5)novella4.4Braxton and Kylie have been married for over a year, and Kylie is busy helping Selene get ready for her upcoming wedding. Kylie and Selene go out of town for a bachelorette party weekend, and Kylie gets a little—or maybe it’s a big—surprise.

But springing the news on Braxton is harder than Kylie thought. In the week leading up to Selene and Ronan’s wedding, Ky and Brax both have things to share, and life as they know it is about to change forever.
2016Behind His Eyeshttps://creatorpreneurdiary.com/wp-content/uploads/2024/01/claire-kingsley-reading-order-jetty-beach-series-book-1.pngJetty Beach (1)
childhood friends to lovers
small town
4Some wounds only love can heal

I never thought Nicole Prescott would walk back into my life—adorably drunk and dropping things, no less. But here she is, more beautiful than I remember.

She’s been hurt, and I understand pain all too well. But I shouldn’t be the guy to help her through it. I came home to get my own life together. I can’t pick up the pieces of hers.

Ryan Jacobsen and I were kids together, but he’s all man, now. Sexy and sweet, with brooding green eyes that hide a universe of secrets.

His stubbly jaw, delicious abs, and artistic soul make him irresistible. (And have I mentioned the things he can do with his tongue?) My heart—and my body—want more. They want everything.

Although the gravity between us is inescapable, he tries to push me away. The pain behind his eyes holds him back, and it just might tear us apart.
2016One Crazy Weekhttps://creatorpreneurdiary.com/wp-content/uploads/2024/01/one-crazy-week-claire-kingsley-jetty-beach-series-book-2.pngJetty Beach (2)billionaire romance
small town
4.3It’s not supposed to mean anything… until it does

The hot guy in a suit, sitting next to me at the bar? I don’t know who he is, but when he tries to pick me up, he seems surprised when I sass him and turn him down. Truth? He’s practically irresistible, and I almost say yes.

Turns out, he’s Jackson Bennett, a cocky billionaire with a playboy reputation. And he has a very interesting proposition for me.

He wants to whisk me away for a week. No strings. No expectations. Just a crazy, lust-filled week of luxury with the hottest man I’ve ever met.

We come from different worlds, and it isn’t supposed to mean anything. But the fire between us is scorching hot—in and out of the bedroom.

Our hearts are supposed to stay out of this, but apparently mine didn’t get the memo. And when things get complicated—really complicated—it puts both of our hearts on the line.
2016Messy Perfect Lovehttps://creatorpreneurdiary.com/wp-content/uploads/2024/01/messy-perfect-love-by-claire-kingsley-book-cover.pngJetty Beach (3)opposites attract
small town
4.3From the moment Clover crashes into my life, she turns my world upside down. She’s quirky and fun—unlike any woman I’ve ever known.

Her wild ideas pull me out of my comfort zone, and I love the way she makes me feel. But her free spirit longs to roam, and I don’t know if she can do the one thing I really need. Stay.

I’m sure fate led me to Jetty Beach, but until I meet Cody Jacobsen, I’m not sure why. The small-town doctor—with his gorgeous body, ridiculous dimples, and adorable bedside manner—sweeps me off my feet and saves the day. Literally.

Our chemistry is off the charts. But to a man like him—mature and put together—I’m a wild breeze who throws him off kilter. And for a woman like me—who never truly lets anyone in—he might want more than I can give.

He might want everything.
2016Operation Get Her Backhttps://creatorpreneurdiary.com/wp-content/uploads/2024/01/operation-get-her-back-claire-kingsley-book-cover.pngJetty Beach (4)second chance
small town
4.3She’s the most important mission of his life

I know two things with absolute certainty. Second chances don’t come easy. And I’m going to marry Emma Parker.

Ten years ago, I was troubled and angry, looking for an outlet for my rage. To protect the people I love, I made the choice to join the Marines—and leave the love of my life behind.

Emma moved on. But now we’re both back in our hometown, and I’m determined to earn her forgiveness. To show her we belong together. I’ve made loving her my mission, and I’m determined not to fail.
2017Book Boyfriendhttps://creatorpreneurdiary.com/wp-content/uploads/2024/01/book-boyfriend-claire-kingsley-cover.pngBook Boyfriend (1)secret identity
friends to lovers
3.9He’s too hot for words.

Alex Lawson might as well be the hottest book boyfriend imaginable. A fun, romantic, possessive, panty-melting man. And the best part? He’s real. For a girl like me—a slightly awkward book addict—Alex is a dream come true, straight off the pages of my favorite romance novels.

But our story is turning into a whirlwind romance—the kind that only exists in books. Are we heading toward our own happily ever after? Or is he too good to be true?

Here’s the thing: I’m not a bad guy. Lying to Mia wasn’t part of the plan. Finding success as a romance author using a female pen name wasn’t part of the plan either. But sometimes life takes unexpected turns.

Like realizing the woman you’re falling for is your alter-ego’s online best friend.

Online, she thinks I’m a woman named Lexi. In person, she knows I’m all man. I want to worship her body and claim every inch of her. But if she discovers my secret, I could lose everything.
2017Cocky Roommatehttps://creatorpreneurdiary.com/wp-content/uploads/2024/01/cocky-roommate-claire-kingsley-book-cover.pngBook Boyfriend (2)enemies to lovers
rommates to lovers
4.1He's such a bad idea.

This roommate thing is not going to work.

Kendra is a messy-haired, pajama-pants-wearing little ball of sass. The first thing she does is try to make friends with my random from the night before—giving her all sorts of bad ideas.

I don’t date. I don’t use words like girlfriend, or I’ll text you later. F*ck that. Relationships aren’t for me. I’ll give a woman a night she won’t forget, but once it’s over, I’m out.

I keep people at a distance, and I have my reasons. But Kendra starts getting under my skin. And when my life crashes and burns—literally—Kendra is the only person I can count on.

I’m not built for relationships, and Kendra is not a one night stand. But living with this girl sleeping one room away might just be the thing that kills me.
2017Hot Single Dadhttps://creatorpreneurdiary.com/wp-content/uploads/2024/01/hot-single-dad-book-cover-by-claire-kingsley.pngBook Boyfriend (3)single dad/nanny
forbidden love
4.1Reasons I need to stop fantasizing about Linnea:

1. She’s too young for me.

2. She’s my daughter’s nanny.

I could stop there, couldn’t I? I’m already a cliché. The single dad who’s hot for the nanny. But it gets worse.

3. She’s my sister-in-law.

My wife died when our daughter was a baby, and Linnea was just a quiet teenager. I barely knew her. When my in-laws insist she move to Seattle to be my live-in nanny—after a string of caregivers who didn’t work out—I reluctantly agree.

I wasn’t counting on the smoking hot blonde with sinful curves, kissable lips, and a shy smile.

Linnea is perfect for my daughter—fun, patient, and kind. She might be perfect for me too, but I can’t think that way. She needs to live her own life, not be saddled with my insta-family.

Being around her is a special kind of torture, but I have to keep this infatuation to myself. I can’t fall for my daughter’s nanny.
But it might be too late.
2017Her Best Friendhttps://creatorpreneurdiary.com/wp-content/uploads/2024/01/her-best-friend-by-claire-kingsley-shotr-story.pngBook Boyfriend (3.5)
childhood friends to lovers
4.2Noah Douglas and Charlotte Lawson have been best friends since first grade. Noah had a hard time relating to other kids, and Charlotte was painfully shy. But once they found each other, they were inseparable.

Now sixteen, Noah is starting to see Charlotte through new eyes. Maybe it’s just a crush. Charlotte is talented, fun, and pretty. What guy wouldn’t be attracted to her?

But the threat of someone else dating his best friend brings out deeper feelings Noah didn’t realize he had. Can he risk telling her how he feels? Or are they better off as friends?

Her Best Friend is the sweet-as-sugar love story of Caleb Lawson’s daughter, Charlotte, and her friend Noah, who meet as children in the novel Hot Single Dad. It’s a short story of approximately 6,000 words and is meant to be read after Hot Single Dad.
2017Weekend Flinghttps://creatorpreneurdiary.com/wp-content/uploads/2024/01/weekend-fling-claire-kingsley-book-cover.pngJetty Beach (5)one night stand/fling
small town
4.4It’s just a fling. Or is it?

Juliet Blake shows up at my bar, dejected after her surprise girls’ weekend goes bad. So I do the usual—mix her a drink and listen to her troubles. I’m a spontaneous guy, so I offer to help—spend the rest of the weekend with her so she’s not alone on her birthday.

I don’t expect her to end up in my bed, but when she does, it’s mind-blowing. And after a smoking hot weekend together, I realize I could use a little more Juliet in my life.

See her again? Sure. But it’s still just a fling. I have my reasons. My heart can’t take more.

Sexy bartender Finn O’Conner thinks he has the solution to my troubles. Birthday weekend gone bad? Nothing a nice drink and some hot eye candy can’t solve. And Finn is all kinds of hot.

Spending the weekend with him is impulsive—so unlike me. But throwing off my planner tendencies feels amazing—as does Finn.

I’m not supposed to fall for him. He doesn’t believe in forever. But as our weekend fling turns into a whirlwind romance, my heart will never be the same.
2017Good Girl Next Doorhttps://creatorpreneurdiary.com/wp-content/uploads/2024/01/good-girl-next-door-claire-kingsley-book-cover.pngJetty Beach (6)friends with benefits
small town
4.5He’ll teach her to be bad

The new girl next door? She’s adorable, but totally off-limits. I don’t do commitment—been there, done that, got the broken heart—and sweet-as-pie Becca is too close to girlfriend material.

But she asks me to help her find her naughty side, and I’m the perfect guy for the job. She wants to take some risks and face her fears, and I have all kinds of ideas. I just need to keep my d*ck—and my heart—out of it.

After all, we’re just two friends having fun. What could possibly go wrong?

Suddenly single, and on my own in a new town, I decide it’s time to stop being so predictable. I’m tired of being the good girl. And who better to help me out of my shell than my new neighbor, Lucas?

Sure, he’s sexy as sin. And as our adventures in naughtiness escalate, my lady parts are not complaining.

We agreed to stay just friends. We wouldn’t let this get complicated. But Lucas is kind of amazing. And the more time we spend together, the more my heart wants things he can’t give.
2017The Path To Youhttps://creatorpreneurdiary.com/wp-content/uploads/2024/01/the-path-to-you-jetty-beach-series-book-7.pngJetty Beach (7)
wounded heroine/protective hero
small town
4.4He’ll protect her no matter the cost

Although I’ve achieved my dream of owning my own restaurant, something is still missing from my life. I’m the one guy I know who didn’t get the girl.

And then Sadie walks into my life.

She works for me, so I’m not supposed to want her. But she awakens something inside me I thought was dead and gone. I was numb, and she makes me feel again.

She’s running from her past, but I won’t let it catch her. I’ll protect her from whatever she left behind. She gave me a reason to care. If she’ll let me, I’ll give her a reason to trust and show her we belong together.
2017His Hearthttps://creatorpreneurdiary.com/wp-content/uploads/2024/01/his-heart-claire-kingsley-standalone.pngStandalonesecond chance4.4For Sebastian McKinney, wrestling is life. He’s focused and determined. Strong and capable. Nothing, not even his biggest rival, will stand in his way.

Except a silent illness that almost kills him.

Brooke Summerlin is no stranger to adversity. Raised by an abusive mother, she’s learned to cope as best she can. When Liam sweeps into her life, she believes she’s found the impossible—a happily ever after.

Until her happy ending is ripped away. And Brooke’s greatest tragedy becomes Sebastian’s second chance at life.

Four years later, two souls linked by loss find each other. Although their connection is undeniable, Brooke sinks in grief that threatens to drown her. Sebastian is desperate to help—desperate to save her—even though he has his own uncertainties to face.

But sometimes love transcends the boundaries between life and death—between what is known and what cannot be explained. The heart that loved Brooke still beats for her.

And the one thing that might save them both is love.
2017Finding Ivyhttps://creatorpreneurdiary.com/wp-content/uploads/2024/01/finding-ivy-claire-kingsley-standalone-book-cover.pngStandaloneamnesia4.3After putting everything on hold to care for her dying father, Ivy Nichols feels lonely and disconnected. She’s struggling to jump in and start again—especially when it comes to dating.

The mysterious William Cole walks into her life, like a beacon of light in a fog. He’s sensual and captivating—awakening Ivy in ways she’s never experienced before.

But he knows things about her—deeply personal things. His story is unbelievable, but the truth might be worse. Her friends insist he’s either a con artist, or he’s crazy.

With her heart on the line, Ivy has to decide who—and what—she believes. The rational explanation from her trusted friends? Or the impossible story from the man without a past? The man who swears he will do anything to protect her.

One thing she is sure of—William doesn’t just know facts about her life. He knows her, inside and out. He knows her as intimately as if he’s spent every moment of his life loving her.

And according to him, he has.
2018Whiskey Chaserhttps://creatorpreneurdiary.com/wp-content/uploads/2024/01/whiskey-chaser-by-claire-kingsley-and-lucy-score.pngBootleg Springs (1)opposites attract
small town
4.3Raised by her three overbearing brothers, Scarlett is a hell-raising tomboy with a tool belt. A tornado stirring up trouble everywhere she goes. Her favorite pastimes? Drinking any man under the table and two-stepping. But she has zero interest in love. Scarlett’s only being neighborly when she claims her sexy next-door neighbor as her new pet project.

Devlin is a man at rock bottom. Marriage, political career, five-year plan to Washington, D.C. All destroyed with one well-placed jab. The golden boy is now the black sheep relegated to Bootleg Springs, a tiny West Virginia town with two claims to fame: 1. Moonshine and 2. The cold case disappearance of a teen girl.

Devlin just wants to lick his wounds. But Scarlett has other ideas for his tongue… and the rest of him. She’s determined to bring him back to life, even if getting him back on his feet means never seeing him again. But when an old mystery becomes new news, she’ll need his help to survive the scandal.
2018Sidecar Crushhttps://creatorpreneurdiary.com/wp-content/uploads/2024/01/sidecar-crush-by-claire-kingsley-and-lucy-score.pngBootleg Springs (2)
childhood friends to lovers
small town
4.3“I tried to think of something—anything—to calm my raging hard-on. One wrong move and Leah Mae would rub up against it and that was liable to kill me dead on the spot.” — Jameson Bodine

Model turned disgraced reality TV starlet, Leah Mae Larkin, crash lands in her hometown of Bootleg Springs to lay low while a scandal threatens her career. She can’t shake the feeling that her agent—and supposed fiancé—manipulated her into the role of made-for-TV homewrecker. Connecting with her roots is just what she needs, and Bootleg Springs is home to her father, moonshine, and her childhood best friend, Jameson Bodine.

Only there’s nothing childlike about Jameson—a man who turns scrap metal into art and isn’t afraid to throw down on a rowdy Friday night with his brothers and hellcat sister. He might not say much, but still waters run deep. Seeing the ring on his crush’s finger? He doesn’t like it, but he can’t wish it away. No more than he can wish away the trouble his family is in, with evidence pointing to his late father in the cold case disappearance of Callie Kendall.

Jameson and Leah Mae are just two friends reliving their summers together, blowing off steam, and having fun for the first time in a long time. But Leah Mae is realizing what’s really important in her life, and it isn’t what she thought.

And sometimes steam turns into sparks—hot as molten steel—and friends aren’t just friends.
2018Moonshine Kisshttps://creatorpreneurdiary.com/wp-content/uploads/2024/01/moonshine-kiss-by-claire-kingsley-and-lucy-score.pngBootleg Springs (3)best friend's brother
small town
4.4All those years of adolescent fantasies and this was how Bowie Bodine first touched my boobs. And he apologized. Real life was stupid and unfair.

Small town deputy Cassidy Tucker's dating life is a train wreck on repeat. All she ever wanted was a solid partner. A man to share pajamas with. The handsome, big-hearted Bowie Bodine. Wait. Scratch that. Mr. You're-Like-a-Sister-to-Me is not welcome in her fantasies.

She and Bowie aren't going to happen—that's been clear for a long time—and as for the rest of mankind? Cassidy's officially giving up on love and adopting cats. Good thing the cold case disappearance of Callie Kendall is heating up to keep her distracted. Except the investigation is testing her friendship with all the Bodines—Bowie in particular.

Bowie knows he can't have his little sister's best friend. He made a promise and he's determined to keep it. But putting distance between them isn't easy—not when she lives right next door.

Having her poke around trying to prove his father's guilt isn't helping either. All Bowie has ever wanted is to shed the No-Good Bodine reputation. It's looking like he'll never be free of that shadow.

But one nocturnal animal, a feverish against-the-wall kiss, and absolutely zero pajamas has a way of changing everything.
2018Broken Mileshttps://creatorpreneurdiary.com/wp-content/uploads/2024/01/broken-miles-claire-kingsley-miles-series-book-1.pngMiles Family (1)second chance
small town
4.2Single-minded drive earned Roland Miles success—and cost him his first love. When his marriage to Zoe ended, he did the only thing he knew. He dove into work to put his heartbreak behind him.

Zoe Sutton’s life hasn’t exactly gone to plan. She certainly didn’t plan on losing Roland or moving home to work for his family’s winery. Four years after their divorce, she wonders if her chance at happily ever after is behind her.

After discovering his family might lose their land, Roland comes home to help sort out the mess. But between his brothers’ antics, a baby sister who’s all grown up, and a father keeping secrets, complicated isn’t even the half of it.

And then there’s Zoe.

He didn’t come home looking for a second chance with her. But the more time they spend together, the more he realizes what they lost. What they could have again.

Because the truth is, they broke each other’s hearts. And maybe they’re the only ones who can put them back together.
2018Forbidden Mileshttps://creatorpreneurdiary.com/wp-content/uploads/2024/01/forbidden-miles-by-claire-kingsley-book-cover.pngMiles Family (2)brother's best friend
small town
4.3Brynn Miles thought moving back to her family’s winery was a good idea. But when you’re the baby of the family, life can get complicated. Dating? Forget about it. Not with her three older brothers acting like human chastity belts.

To Chase Reilly, his best friend’s little sister has always been invisible. She’s so forbidden, he doesn’t let himself see her. Besides, she’s totally girlfriend material, and he doesn’t do the relationship thing.

Until the night Chase sees her. Really, truly sees her. And nothing will ever be the same.

Looking for love isn’t Brynn’s focus, and Chase is the one guy in the world she can’t fall for. He’s T-R-O-U-B-L-E. Untouchable. And just as forbidden as she is.

But once Chase set his sights on Brynn, there isn’t anything—or anyone—who’ll stop him.
2018Reckless Mileshttps://creatorpreneurdiary.com/wp-content/uploads/2024/01/reckless-miles-by-claire-kingsley-miles-series-book-3.pngMiles Family (3)playboy/virgin
friends to lovers
small town
4.4For Cooper Miles, life used to be an endless party. He worked hard and played harder—as often as possible. But things change—people change—and lately the party life isn’t doing it for him.

Enter Amelia Hale. Cooper doesn’t see her coming. But it isn’t every day you meet a girl in a wedding dress in a bar. A girl whose life just took a sharp left turn she wasn’t expecting.

Kissing her is totally no big deal. She’s had one hell of a day and a little kissing lesson by Cooper is bound to make her feel better. The invitation back to her hotel, however… that, he wasn’t expecting.

Saying yes to her is reckless. Not because he’s a stranger to a one-night stand. And not because she’s in a wedding dress, and the words this is my first time cross her lips.

It’s reckless because she makes him feel things he’s never felt before—big things. Nothing scares Cooper Miles. But this girl? She might be magic, and he has no idea what to do with that.
2019The Mogul and the Musclehttps://creatorpreneurdiary.com/wp-content/uploads/2024/01/the-mogul-and-the-muscle-bluewater-billionaires-book-2-claire-kingsley.pngBluewater Billionaires (2)billionaire/bodyguard4.3Cameron Whitbury is used to engineering her way out of any problem. But someone is after her, and she doesn’t know who or why. Throw in the threat of a sex scandal and the frustrating antics of the entitled son of her company’s founder, and she might be in over her head.

But sacrifice her privacy to an overprotective bodyguard? No thanks. She doesn’t need a six-foot-five, motorcycle-riding, square-jawed, hazel-eyed man-beast shadowing her every move.

Jude Ellis is ready to retire from the cloak and dagger stuff to live a normal life. He doesn’t need another client. Not even one with coppery-red hair and mile-long legs who looks hot AF in a sexy pair of heels.

To appease her worried friends, Cameron hires Jude as her bodyguard. And despite their feisty banter and their rampant—and totally inappropriate—sex fantasies, they’re both determined to keep it professional.

But as the danger to Cameron escalates, the heat simmering between them just might combust.
2019Bourbon Blisshttps://creatorpreneurdiary.com/wp-content/uploads/2024/01/bourbon-bliss-by-claire-kingsley-and-lucy-score.pngBootleg Springs (4)opposites attract
small town
4.4June Tucker doesn’t understand people. Numbers, data, and statistics? Those make sense. People? Not so much. In a town of Friday night fighters and moonshine-swilling line dancers, she’s the odd duck. And that suits her just fine. But her sister and friends are pairing off, and the change is unsettling.

George “GT” Thompson was at the top of his game—one of the best receivers in football. But a career-ending injury sidelined him for good. Now he’s hoping to find relief in the healing waters of this tiny West Virginia town. And maybe an idea of what life has in store for him next.

He doesn’t expect the no-nonsense girl at the hot spring, telling him he’s not supposed to be there. And pointing out his sizeable… equipment.

George is fascinated by June, with her head full of statistics and blunt honesty. He appreciates her in a way most others don’t. And when the local missing persons case takes a shocking turn, he’s by Scooby-June’s side as she digs for the truth.

He was her fantasy receiver. Now he’s her real-life boyfriend. But as their relationship heats up, June worries she’s not capable of the kind of intimacy he needs. He's convinced his campaign to get her out of her own head—to stop thinking and feel—will work. But his own crisis could drive them further apart.
2019Gin Flinghttps://creatorpreneurdiary.com/wp-content/uploads/2024/01/gin-fling-by-claire-kingsley-and-lucy-score.pngBootleg Springs (5)roommates to lovers
small town
4.5Personal trainer Jonah Bodine discovers more than he bargained for with the half-siblings he didn’t know he had in small-town West Virginia. Not only is his dead father a person of interest in a cold case disappearance, but the entire town seems way too invested in Jonah’s happily ever after potential.

His summer of solitude in a lakeside cottage is ruined when his matchmaking sister saddles him with an unwanted roommate.

Adorable, snort-laughing nerd Shelby Thompson came to Bootleg Springs looking for answers and ends up getting adopted by the town’s nosy elders. Maneuvered into sharing a cottage with the handsome trainer, she makes the best of a sticky situation by offering her perpetually shirtless roommate a strings-free summer fling.

Jonah is tempted. Very tempted. But Shelby has secrets. And as the Callie Kendall mystery unravels, Shelby’s own past comes back to haunt her. The danger is very real and so are the feelings she’s developing for Jonah.
2019Highball Rushhttps://creatorpreneurdiary.com/wp-content/uploads/2024/01/highball-rush-by-claire-kingsley-and-lucy-score-bootleg-springs-book-6.pngBootleg Springs (6)grumpy-sunshine
small town
4.6Gravel-voiced Gibson Bodine takes his lone wolf image seriously. The tough guy. The bad boy. He lives alone. Works alone. His one love—besides starting a good brawl—is sitting on a rinky-dink stage in a backwoods bar playing guitar and singing about things he’ll never have.

When a video of him playing goes viral, Gibson ignores the unwanted attention. He’s got bigger things to worry about. Like the bomb his half-brother’s mom just dropped on him. And the fallout from the memento he’s been carrying around for thirteen years.

He doesn’t have time for fame… or love… or meddling neighbors stopping by with casseroles and questions.

But one night in a bar, fifty miles from home, he meets her. And she changes everything.

In Bootleg Springs—home of the best moonshine and nosiest neighbors in West Virginia—secrets don’t keep. When the truth about Callie Kendall’s fate brings danger home, it’s up to Gibson to step up and be the hero. And maybe find what he’s been missing all along.

2019Everly Dalton's Dating Disastershttps://creatorpreneurdiary.com/wp-content/uploads/2024/01/everly-daltons-dating-disasters-claire-kingsley-book-cover.pngDirty Martini Running Club (0.5)short stories4.1Dating can be tricky, but how hard can it be to find the right guy? Or even just a normal guy?

For Everly Dalton, it's a bit like trying to walk in stilettos - while drunk, blindfolded, and wearing the wrong size shoes. She hasn't exactly been lucky in love. In fact, she just might be cursed.

A guy who only dates lookalikes of his ex? Pass. An alpha-male businessman who bolts in a moment of crisis? No, thanks. A date that turns into the creepiest interview in the history of ever? Where does she find these guys?

Join Everly as she dishes to her friends about the surprising, unpredictable, and sometimes crazy adventure that is modern dating. Will she keep matching with frogs or find her Prince Charming?

Everly Dalton's Dating Disasters originally appeared as six serial episodes in Claire Kingsley's newsletter. The complete series is available here in one volume. Each episode is an account of one of Everly's (typically terrible) dates. This series of short stories takes place before the full-length, stand-alone hot romcom Faking Ms. Right.
2019Faking Ms. Righthttps://creatorpreneurdiary.com/wp-content/uploads/2024/01/faking-ms-right-claire-kingsley.pngDirty Martini Running Club (1)fake dating
billionaire boss/assistant
forced proximity
4.1Everly Dalton is a walking, talking, martini-drinking dating disaster. Forget kissing frogs. She can’t even get past the first date. But at work, she’s a badass—the longest-running assistant billionaire Shepherd Calloway has ever had. Her coworkers wonder how she handles the big bad wolf—and never gets bit.

Shepherd Calloway isn’t interested in being anyone’s sugar daddy. Tired of women who only want him for his money, he swears off dating, determined to focus on running his empire. Until his gold-digging ex hits him where it hurts, putting him in a difficult position.

His solution—to have Everly pose as his live-in girlfriend—is obviously crazy. But the timing is uncanny. It just so happens Everly needs a favor from her boss—a big and awkward one—and this could ensure everyone gets what they want.

Besides, Everly can totally survive a few months of faux romance. Except there’s a problem. Shepherd is supposed to be a single-minded, unemotional robot boss. Not an actual human with a heart and morning wood. Between the awkward bed-sharing and tingly fake dates, lines are blurring. And as Everly gets to know the real Shepherd, she discovers there’s more to the man behind the bank account.

And faking it gets all too real.
2019Hidden Mileshttps://creatorpreneurdiary.com/wp-content/uploads/2024/01/hidden-miles-claire-kingsley-book-cover.pngMiles Family (4)friends to lovers
small town
wounded hero
4.4Leo Miles came home broken—wounded and scarred. It’s been five years, and he hasn’t left his family’s land. Not once. It’s not much of a life, but the way he looks now, he prefers to stay hidden.

His only reprieve is her voice. He puts on his headset, logs in to his game, and she’s there. They talk while they play, sharing everything but personal details. She’s his best friend—his happy place—even though he doesn’t know her real name.

Until one day, he hears a voice he recognizes.

Meeting Hannah Tate in person rocks the reclusive Leo’s world. And discovering she’s in trouble—serious trouble—changes everything.

Hannah is Leo’s every fantasy come true. And the badass gamer girl is determined to break through his defenses. But between the mess that is his life, and the threats to his family’s safety, he can’t be anyone’s hero. Least of all hers.

But maybe they both need saving.

2019Gaining Mileshttps://creatorpreneurdiary.com/wp-content/uploads/2024/01/gaining-miles-claire-kingsley-miles-series-book-5.pngMiles Family (5)unrequited love4.4It’s never too late.

Loving a woman you can’t have isn’t easy. Ben Gaines knows this all too well. He endured the slow torture of watching Shannon Miles live a life with another man—a man who didn’t deserve her—but he doesn’t regret a minute of it. And he has his reasons.

Now, she’s free. No longer shackled to a loveless marriage, bound to someone who was unfaithful and heartless.

But Shannon thinks her time has passed. That she won’t get another chance at love, especially with Ben. The man who’s been there to see it all. Her mistakes. Her hurt. Her heartache.

If only she knew. Ben loves her with everything he is, and he wants nothing more in life than to spend every moment with her. After all, he’s waited a long time for his chance.

It’s time for their happily ever after.
2020Protecting Youhttps://creatorpreneurdiary.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/11/protecting-you-book-cover-new.pngBailey Brothers (1)
small town
childhood friends to lovers
3.9One night brings them together. Another night tears them apart.

Grace Miles misses her easy friendship with Asher, but growing up means growing apart. And really, how could he fall for her when they spent their childhood getting muddy in the creek and splitting sticks of gum? But this summer, something feels different. If Grace didn’t know better, she’d think Asher was flirting with her. Those dark eyes, hard body, and wicked smile make her insides swirl and her heart dare to hope for things she’s convinced herself she’ll never have.

Falling for your best friend shouldn’t be complicated, but for Asher Bailey, loving Grace is anything but simple. The road to romance isn’t smooth thanks to his pack of wild brothers who are protective of the girl next door, a take-no-sass grandmother, a small town where gossip is a spectator sport, and a feud that spans generations. But Asher realizes his feelings are too big to ignore.

Loving her isn’t the risk. Losing her would be.

And one night, one kiss, changes everything. Finally admitting their feelings is the beginning of their happily ever after. Until their fairy tale love story is tragically interrupted, and neither of them will ever be the same.
2020Fighting For Ushttps://creatorpreneurdiary.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/11/fighting-for-us-book-cover-new.pngBailey Brothers (2)small town
second chance
wounded hero
4.3How long would you wait for the love of your life?

The Asher Bailey who comes home to his quirky small town isn't the same man who put a ring on Grace's finger. He's bigger, harder, haunted. Forced to give up Grace and everything else that was good in his life for a prison sentence he barely survived.

Now that he's home, he finds himself aggressively welcomed by his brothers and gleefully gossiped about by his neighbors. He'd counted on both.

But he never expected to see Grace still wearing his ring.

Grace's fairy tale didn't end. It was interrupted. She's spent the last seven years living her life while waiting for one man. Now that he's back, she's got her work cut out for her. He's scarred and angry, and stubbornly convinced they can't be together. She's more than happy to educate him otherwise.

Every beer, every prank, every kiss brings him closer to where he's always belonged. In her life. In her arms. In her heart.

Asher fears the darkness inside him can't be contained. But Grace won't give up on him without a fight.
2020Unraveling Himhttps://creatorpreneurdiary.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/11/unraveling-him-by-claire-kingsley-new-cover.pngBailey Brothers (3)small town
4.4Stoic, growly Evan Bailey has enough on his plate. A growing business, a pack of brothers who drive him crazy, a gossip-loving small town, and a rivalry that runs deeper than any family feud. Love? That’s a hard pass. He already learned the hard way that he’s better off alone.

Fiona Gallagher has a problem. Or more like ten, but who’s counting? The trouble with her car is just the cherry on top of the crap sundae, but she won’t let that get her down.

Besides, she has a plan. Evan Bailey—that brooding custom car builder who happens to hate her father—is going to help her. He just doesn’t know it yet.

The last thing Evan needs is the overly cheery Fiona crashing into his solitary life. But her offer is too compelling to ignore.

Fiona isn’t there to pick through the wreckage of Evan’s heart. If he has one, he won’t let her anywhere near it. But the tension between them is hot enough to combust. And when she starts to see the cracks in his stony façade, she realizes she’s getting more than she bargained for—a lot more—in that big surly man.
2020Rushing Inhttps://creatorpreneurdiary.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/11/rushing-in-claire-kingsley-new-cover.pngBailey Brothers (4)small town
opposites attract
forbidden love
4.4She’s the one girl he can’t have.

With his dimpled grin and devilish charm, firefighter Gavin Bailey is hot as a five-alarm fire and twice as dangerous. The youngest of five brothers, he’s the daredevil of the family. Until the unexpected strikes and he finds himself sidelined.

Skylar Stanley’s life didn’t just fall apart. It exploded. Spectacularly. Dropped by her publisher and her agent, and dumped by her boyfriend, she suddenly has no place to live and a career circling the drain. She comes home to the quirky, feuding small town she hasn’t lived in since Kindergarten to pick up the pieces. And hopefully find her mojo.

Gavin would happily help Skylar get her groove back—in and out of the bedroom—except for one big problem. Her dad is Gavin’s boss, mentor, and the closest thing he’s ever had to a father. As much as Gavin loves racing headlong into danger, Skylar is a risk of a different kind. One that he’s determined to avoid.

But the line between friends and lovers gets awfully blurry, and Gavin just might find the one thing that truly scares him. Losing her.
2020Falling For My Enemyhttps://creatorpreneurdiary.com/wp-content/uploads/2024/01/falling-for-my-enemy-claire-kingsley.pngDirty Martini Running Club (2)enemies to lovers4.2What happens when frenemies take the experiment out of the lab and into the bedroom?

Corban Nash is a self-proclaimed data nerd with a sexy half smile and a set of abs that leave girls drooling. He developed a theory he claims will make two people fall in love. And after numerous tests on friends and family, it’s been successful for everyone who’s tried it. The problem is, it’s never worked on him. And he doesn’t know why.

Still, he’s determined to prove his theory. The only thing standing in his way? Hazel Kiegen.

Hazel refuses to be distracted by Corban’s adorable awkwardness or his temptingly muscular body. He claims to have cracked the code to falling in love, and she’s going to prove him wrong.

From the moment these two rivals meet, their chemistry is irresistible. And what’s wrong with a little sex between enemies? But when they put Corban’s theory to the test for themselves, the results are deliciously unexpected.
2021Chasing Her Firehttps://creatorpreneurdiary.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/11/chasing-her-fire-claire-kingsley-new-cover.pngBailey Brothers (5)small town
enemies to lovers
4.3Sexy firefighter Logan Bailey is an expert at putting the wet stuff on the hot stuff—on and off duty. But he just did the unthinkable, and it wasn’t trading in his tube socks. He slept with his nemesis. His mortal enemy. The crazy redhead he loves to hate. Cara Goulding.

And no matter how much he wants to lie to himself, he has to admit, it was mind-blowing.

Cara will not be tempted by the one night she spent with prince dickhead—even if her traitorous body remembers every earth-shattering moment. It was a mistake and she’s stronger than that. She’ll just keep avoiding him and pretend it didn’t happen.

But the feuding small town of Tilikum might not be big enough for the both of them. Avoiding each other isn’t working. And with every moment they’re forced to spend together, the sparks get hotter, the flames grow brighter, and the tension borders on unbearable.

Until they both reach their breaking point and their fiery relationship explodes.
2021Marrying Mr. Wronghttps://creatorpreneurdiary.com/wp-content/uploads/2024/01/marrying-mr-wrong-claire-kingsley-book-cover.pngDirty Martini Running Club (3)accidental marriage4.2I never should have gone commando in that dress.

I'm almost positive the rest of it wouldn't have happened if I hadn't been dangling off a hotel balcony with my lady parts in the breeze. And of course the one person to witness my mortification had to be HIM. Camden Cox.

Sure, today he's gorgeous and wealthy, and fine, I can admit he has a great sense of humor. But once upon a time, he was the boy who loved to make my life miserable.

He no longer pulls my pigtails, but I know his type. He wants one thing, and one thing only. A chance to get in my pants.

Nope. Not happening. Not even with that sexy Southern drawl.

But I'm Sophie Abbott, and if there's one thing I'm good at, it's making a mess.

Only this isn't just a mess. It's a disaster. A Sophie disaster.

Because after a wild night in Vegas, I wake up naked in his hotel room. And I'm pretty sure we got married.
2022Rewriting The Starshttps://creatorpreneurdiary.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/11/rewriting-the-stars-claire-kingsley-new-cover.pngBailey Brothers (6)small town
forbidden love
4.5Firefighter Levi Bailey is used to being alone. Not that he’s lonely. How could he be, with a band of unruly brothers, and their wives and growing families. Maybe he’s the odd man out. The one brother who isn’t destined to be with his soulmate.

Besides, he has her.

She’s his Juliet, the only woman in the world he can’t ever have. To an outsider, it probably seems crazy. But the Tilikum town feud is no joke—especially now—and Annika Haven is strictly forbidden.

Annika Haven never expected to be back in her hometown, let alone as a single mom with two jobs. Add in a pack of overprotective brothers, a brewing family crisis, and a gossipy, feuding town on the brink of chaos, and life gets complicated.

But at least she has him.

He’s her Romeo, a son of the enemy. He makes her smile on her worst days. Yet, despite his brooding sex appeal, the one thing she cannot do is fall for Levi Bailey. They’re just friends and that’s the way it has to stay.

But after months of secret texts and stolen glances, one soul-stealing kiss changes everything. And Levi Bailey is about to do the impossible.

Defy the feud.
How the Grump Saved Christmas
https://creatorpreneurdiary.com/wp-content/uploads/2024/01/how-the-grump-saved-christmas-claire-kingsley.pngStandaloneholiday romance
small town
4Holy Night, Grumpy Night.

Hardworking Isabelle Cook has a serious problem. Her family farm, site of Tilikum’s Christmas Village, is in trouble. Big trouble. And worst of all? The man trying to buy it is none other than the grumpiest, grinchiest man of them all—Elias Stoneheart.

That’s a big nope. She’s not letting him get involved. Not with his heart made of coal.

Elias Stoneheart is in the business of making money, not friends. Especially when his boss is promising a long-awaited promotion. All he has to do is convince one struggling family to sell their farm.

The problem? It’s Cook Family Farm. And Isabelle Cook is his ex.

He might have history with Isabelle, but this is just business. A Christmas-loving farm girl is not going to come between him and his ambition.

And Christmas? He hates it. Christmas Village needs to go.

But as Elias spends time in the small town, holiday spirit—and Isabelle—get under his skin. And she might be the only one who can melt the ice around his heart.
2023Flirting With Foreverhttps://creatorpreneurdiary.com/wp-content/uploads/2024/01/flirting-with-forever-book-cover-by-claire-kingsley.pngDirty Martini Running Club (4)single dad
opposites attract
4.2He’ll break all her rules

Nora Lakes is sophisticated, successful, and happily single. Career problems aside, her life is fine the way it is, thank you very much. Sure, her best friends are all moving into a new season of life—full of husbands and babies and white picket fences. But that’s not what Nora wants.

Neither is the gruff, tattooed guy next door.

Tattoo artist Dex St. James has enough trouble on his hands without the distractingly beautiful woman next door. Being a single dad to a teenage girl is no joke. The last thing he needs is a flirtatious new neighbor who makes his blood run hot.

He’ll just avoid her. She’s not his type anyway.

But Nora and Dex can’t seem to stay out of each other’s way. Between a pesky nocturnal visitor, Nora’s blossoming friendship with Dex’s daughter, and their undeniable chemistry, that up-against-the-wall, brain-melting kiss was probably inevitable.

Nora has rules when it comes to men, and she has her reasons. Dex threatens to break every last one of them. She doesn’t want forever. He won’t settle for anything less. But when these two collide, the result is fire.

And maybe even forever.
2023Obsession Fallshttps://creatorpreneurdiary.com/wp-content/uploads/2024/01/obsession-falls-haven-brothers-book-1-by-claire-kingsley.pngHaven Brothers (1)grumpy-sunshine
small town
4.2Someone is stalking Audrey Young. And she has no idea why.

It’s bad enough that she’s back in Tilikum. But Audrey’s good at making the best of things and her new job at the small-town newspaper is just a way to get back on her feet.

Complicating matters is her landlord and new neighbor, Josiah Haven.

She doesn’t usually go for the big, surly lumberjack type. But there’s something about that broody man. He intimidates her a little, but she kind of likes it.

She could totally handle the mess that is her life, except the strange feeling of being watched is just the beginning. Next thing Audrey knows, she’s a target, and she doesn’t know who’s behind it, or why.

For Josiah Haven, none of that makes her his problem.

She’s just the girl next door. Fine, the frustratingly hot girl next door. But Audrey is all sunshine and her goofy dog isn’t any better. Josiah is too stoic. Too solitary. Too guarded. He doesn’t need a woman in his life, especially one who threatens to crack his heart wide open.

But Josiah is a protector and he can’t let Audrey’s troubles go unanswered, even if he has to risk everything—his life and his heart—to keep her safe.

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