50 Lyssa Kay Adams Quotes That You’ll Love

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the best lyssa kay adams quotes from the bromance book club series

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Last updated on February 13th, 2024

Are you a fan of the Bromance Book Club series? Then you’re going to love this selection of the 50 best Lyssa Kay Adams quotes.

This 5-book rom-com series has so many insightful, hilarious, and heartwarming quotes that it warranted a post of its own.

Check out the collection below!

Quotes from The Bromance Book Club

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From the moment I first saw you, I have been half a man because the other half belongs to you.

  • “All spouses become strangers to each other at some point in a marriage,” Del said. “All human beings are a work in progress, and we don’t all change at the same pace. Who knows how many people have gotten divorced simply because they failed to recognize that what they thought were insurmountable problems were actually just temporary phases?”
  • Men are idiots. We complain that women are so mysterious and shit, and we never know what they want. We fuck up our relationships because we convince ourselves that it’s too hard to figure them out. But the real problem is with us. We think we’re not supposed to feel things and cry and express ourselves. We expect women to do all the emotional labor in a relationship and then act confused when they give up on us.

“ You gotta court her and not seduce her.”
“ What’s the difference? ”
“The difference is to make her want you, not prove how much you want her.”

  • We are all the sum total of our experiences at any given time, and our reactions to things are shaped by them.
  • If a man wants to leave you, wave goodbye and lock the doors. You’ve got better things to do than chase a lost cause.
  • A lonely marriage is the worst kind of lonely there is.
  • I’m your sister, which means I’m biologically predisposed to only take your side.

It’s dangerous to expect anyone to be perfect.

  • Don’t go kicking over logs if you’re not prepared for what comes crawling out.
  • Nothing is as strong as a woman who’s good and fed up.
  • Every woman has that emotional G-spot. A place deep inside her where only the right man can reach…..Find that broken part of her and stroke it until it doesn’t hurt anymore.

Quotes from Undercover Bromance

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Fear is a powerful motivator, but so is love.

  • A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle.
  • Perfection is the opposite of authenticity.
  • Time and age have a way of making things make sense.
  • You shouldn’t have to care about a women to recognize that the sexual degradation of all women is a problem. You should recognize that it’s wrong simply because they’re humans.
  • He was hard beneath her touch. She was weak beneath his.

When you lie to someone, you’re telling them that they’re not worth the truth.

  • You use weakness as a weapon. You’re so ashamed of your own mistakes in life, so afraid of your own fragility, that you accuse everyone else around you of being soft just for the crime of basic human frailty.
  • Not everyone is willing or able to take on the world in a great big fight. It doesn’t make them weak or wrong.
  • I believe what Rosie is trying to say is that bad guys get away with it because the good guys look the other way.

Quotes from Crazy Stupid Bromance

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Lonely creatures were almost always fighting a battle no one knew about.

  • Forgiveness means recognizing that you are a different person because of the pain but realizing that so are they because of the pain they caused. I think it’s deciding that the new people you are are better people and that together you’re worth something.
  • There’s no expiration date on the truth.
  • But there’s a big fucking difference between what society teaches us what a real man does and what a good man does. And good men are willing to do the hard, emotional labor on themselves to be strong partners to the people we love.

Women aren’t rehab centers for emotionally stunted man-babies who think the key to a serious relationship is to just wait for the right woman to come along. You have to be ready to be uncomfortable, to stretch yourself, to be vulnerable.

  • One of the most insidious ways that toxic masculinity destroys men is that it strips us of the ability to express our emotions and to connect, not just with women, but with other men. Because real men don’t do that, right?
  • People screw up. A lot. The key to a lasting relationship is the ability to forgive over and over again.
  • You can’t regret a romanticized Hallmark version of a past that never existed.

I would never hurt you like that, Lexa, because I love you more than I could ever hate him.

  • Sometimes the scariest thing in the world for a man is to admit how he feels. 
  • My mom . . . she told me once that the hardest part about being a parent is that you never know when it’s going to be the last time you do something for your child. The last time you will wash their hair. Fix their lunch for school. Help them tie their shoes. It’s true as a child, too, though. When you watch your parent die. No one tells you this, warns you. That you need to hang on to every detail because it could be the last time you go to a movie together or go shopping together.

Quotes from Isn’t It Bromantic?

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Men don’t do subtleties, honey. You have to hit them over the head with things, and even then, you have to give them an explanation why.

  • A fear of vulnerability – physical or emotional – is usually a fear of something else.
  • It took me a long time to realize it wasn’t my job to convince him I was the prize worth fighting for.
  • Intimacy is an act of communication. Hold nothing back.

There’s a big difference between letting someone go because you have faith that they’ll come back to you and letting someone go because deep down you’re convinced they won’t. One is an act of love, the other an act of fear.

  • There will come a day when you are sitting across from him as he is eating his breakfast and all you will think is “why”. And then you’ll get over it and things will go back to normal. That is marriage. Security and stability with the occasional “what the hell was i thinking?”
  • Don’t hide anything from me, because you are a part of me. 
  • Memories are unfair, you know? They don’t tell us until it’s too late that this one, this detail, is the thing you need to hang on to.

Sometime the most tender people can be the most stubborn, because they have the most to lose when things go wrong.

  • Our society has allowed men to get away with a lack of emotional intelligence by equating the expression of a full range of human emotion with femininity.
  • We raise men in our society to treat sex like a contest, a race to be won, instead of the joyful expression of love that it can be. And that’s not to say that casual sex is wrong, or that a person’s reasons for wanting to have sex are ever a reason for judgment. Sex for pleasure’s sake is perfectly healthy and normal. But so is waiting. We tell women they’re sluts for not waiting long enough and men that they’re losers for waiting too long. It’s a twisted message that hurts everyone.

Quotes from A Very Merry Bromance

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You have to stop wishing that people who will never appreciate you will someday wake up and beg you to stay.

  • We all wear the chains we forged in life. You need to figure out what yours is made of before it’s too late.
  • You are all of my dreams come true. 

I’d rather be insulted by you than be fawned over by any anyone else.

  • Travelling with kids is like opening a bag full of squirrels on a plane.
  • Don’t hide anything from me, because you are a part of me. Shitting on other people’s dreams is practically its own industry in this city. Don’t make that easier by agreeing with them. 

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